Bhutan Fight COVID-19

Together we can defeat COVID-19


To ensure an efficient and systematic management of COVID-19 in Bhutan, the Royal Government has developed the following systems:

1. The Gate Management System: The system must be used by the Department of Immigration to monitor all travelers at all the Point of Entry (PoE). 2. The StayHome App (available on App Store): The Ministry of Health shall monitor all individuals under home quarantine. 3. The Health Facilities System: A GIS-based information system designed to provide real time information on the health facilities such as flu clinics and hospitals for the public including collection of patient information from the flu clinics. 4. GIS Dashboard System: This system will consolidate data from all other systems and enable quick monitoring and supervision on the overall situation and support timely interventions.

The Roll Out Team based in Techpark, Thimphu will reach out to all identified stakeholders who are required to provide full support in operationalising the systems.

All agencies/individuals concerned are directed to provide full support for the system roll out. The IT personnel in respective identified places shall be the focal point for coordination and deployment as the training for the roll out shall be conducted online.

Hence, the identified individuals by the Ministry of Health and the Royal Bhutan Police are directed to use the above app and provide necessary information in the systems.

This order shall come into immediate effect and failing to abide by order shall be dealt under the Penal Code of Bhutan for criminal nuisance and breach of public order and tranquility.

( Dr Lotay Tshering )

Web Applications to Combat COVID-19

GIS Dasboard

To provide real time data and analytics to decision makers to make accurrate decision.

StayHome Mobile APP

To monitor all patients who are home quarantined.

Gate Monitoring System

To keep all the record of people entering and exiting gates around the Nation.

Clinic Montoring System

To monitor the Flu Clinics and record the patient visiting the clinics.

Team Formation